VoIP Innovations API Sandbox

When it comes to managing our customers' telecommunications services, we understand the need for automation and brand identity. Managing daily administrative tasks such as DID look ups, DID ordering, DID returns, E911 registration, and E911 updates can be very time- consuming and expensive. Using a third party web portal can also be costly. What's the solution?

A full featured, easy to integrate Wholesale VoIP API is the solution. As part of our offering, we provide a full featured, easy to use Wholesale VoIP API with each account. Our API gives you the ability to plug directly into our systems, allowing you to keep your brand identity and empower your customers. Integrating our API into your website, web portal, or back office has never been easier.

VoIP Innovations Wholesale VoIP API integrates seamlessly into all of our customers' systems and our complete Wholesale VoIP API documentation makes integrations painless.

After signing up, the development API can be found at http://dev.voipinnovations.com/VOIP/Services/APIService.asmx?wsdl.

Some of our innovative advantages are:

Plug directly into Titanium III
Keep your site and brand
Easy integration
Ability to look up DIDs/numbers
Ability to purchase DIDs/numbers
Ability to return DIDs/numbers
Ability to register E911 information
Ability to update E911 information
Ability to remove E911 information

This page provides links to resources to help you complete a Wholesale VoIP API integration.

Register to use the Sandbox Test Environment to create and manage a test account and its associated API credentials.
Log in to your API Management console where you can access/edit your API information.
The reference pages for each API operation, with corresponding description and error codes. Learn how to test your applications before using them in production with the Sandbox - VoIP Innovation's virtual test environment..